this sort of confused me…the UVF (ulster volunteer force) has been accused of murdering one of its former members.  the expert panel that was convened to look into the matter says that this violates the anti-violence truce they agreed to last year.  like the IRA, they agreed to full disarm and agreed to a cease-fire.

what puzzles me is why they consider this to be a violation.   i would have thought that the cease-fire would have been between the UVF and the IRA.  yet the panel decided this was worth investigating.  it’s not like the man defected.  he just said he didn’t agree with the UVF’s stance any longer, got into an argument with a commander, and then he smashed said commander’s car.  in retaliation, the UVF agreed to have him killed, because, “it wanted to demonstrate to its Protestant community that it ‘was not prepared to have its authority flouted.’ ”

seriously.  WTF?!  and they called the IRA a terrorist organization.  so what does that make the UVF?  a dictatorship?  (interesting side thought: if a governing organization uses terror and threats to control its citizens, would that make them a terrorist organization?  because that’s what the government of iran is.)

anyway.  the AP article didn’t go into a whole lot of detail…it just came down the national wire.  you can read it here.

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