pain and solitaire – a cautionary tale

so despite trips to the physical therapist, my elbow persists in its efforts to hamper me.

i have tennis elbow, in both elbows.  it’s more severe in my left than my right, and i’m usually seen sporting a (rather ugly) brace on my left forearm.  it constricts the tendons, limiting the pain.  how did i get said tennis elbow?  playing solitaire.

really.  i got it playing solitaire.  my previous job was so monstrously boring that to keep myself sane i played solitaire.  imagine four to six hours a day of solitaire.  this, combined with the heavy mousework the job actually required, meant really bad things for my elbows.  i’ve had a few physical therapy appointments and the pain seems to go away for a few days…and then it comes roaring back.  delightful.

anyway.  i was reading chloe neill’s blog, the daily snark, and she recently had a write your ass off day.  her goal was 3,000 words toward her next installment of the chicagoland vampires series.  she’s also got this word counter up; apparently the endgame is 100,000 words.  100k!  that’s a lot.  i had been sort of thinking of taking the posts from a lesson in vanishing, fleshing them out, and actually ending up with a manuscript.  but 100,00o words?  really?  i guess, if you consider that most of the existing posts are already around 500 words long, it might not be THAT daunting a task-it’s already 10% done.

except that after having spent all day staring at a computer, not to mention trying to study for my CEBS, keeping up with chuck and the nerd herders, and reading the occasional novel, i don’t have a lot of time in the evenings to actually turn the computer on.  mostly, it’s the whole computer thing.  i remember that ann kidd taylor said in traveling with pomegranates that she was going to write for an hour a day.  i could knock that down to a half hour.  i could do this.  right?

moral of the story: stay away from the solitaire.  and write your ass off.

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