reading list as of 8/30

the great thing about a vacation to someplace nearby is the amount of reading you can get done 🙂  here’s some of what i’ve read in the past month:

the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest stieg larsson – i still feel like nothing happened in this book.  it was as entertaining as the other two, but these are not books that i’d recommend going out and buying.  you’d read it once and then it would sit on your bookself.  get it out of the library instead.

dead in the family charlaine harris – the latest sookie stackhouse book.  it came out in early may, and yes, i did read it right when it came out, but i re-read it.  i was actually slightly disappointed, although it did answer some questions from the previous book.  i just wish that sookie would stop hooking up with vampires.

fever series (up through dreamfever) karen marie moning – these are certainly not works of literary brilliance, but i couldn’t put them down.  i read the first one over two days, but the remaining three (the fifth one, shadowfever, comes out in january) i read in a little over 24 hours.  it also solidified my burgeoning interest in “paranormal” romance.  for some reason, the last book stuck with me for almost a week afterward; i couldn’t help feeling slightly anxious about the fate of the monster at the end and whether or not mac and barrons would ever get over themselves and admit they wanted each other.

blameless gail carriger – the third book in the parasol protectorate series, it doesn’t quite live up to the first book.  however, there were some pretty neat twists that will make for interesting plotlines in the remaining two books.  carriger has stated that there will only be five books featuring alexia, although she may continue the series using different central characters.

pillars of the earth ken follett – this book is Epic, with a capital “E”.  it took a while for me to finish, partly because it’s so long, and partly because i read a few other books in the interim.  but still, an excellent story, although the descriptions of the architecture and mathematics were a little dull.

storm born richelle mead – first in the dark swan series.  one of my co-workers loaned me a bunch of paranormal romance books, and this one was among them.  i’m almost done with it.  like most of nora robert’s books, highly entertaining and it doesn’t condescend the way that some romance novels do…i swear some of them are written in “special english” (if you don’t know what that is, read oracle bones).

the likeness tana french – this book ripped at me.  like dreamfever, it stayed with me for a week afterward.  this was also mostly the reason i re-read the sookie book, because i needed something light to take my mind off it.  it doesn’t feel like a depressing book when you’re reading it, but you can tell, throughout the whole story, that cassie is mourning the end of her friendship with rob.  there was one small thing toward the end (i won’t spoil it and tell you what it is) that is so easy to skip over, but THAT is what made an otherwise gripping novel gripping AND depressing.

anyway, just put a ton of books on hold at the library, so i’m sure i’ll be keeping myself busy for weeks to come 🙂

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