“no mr. bond, i expect you to die.”

back when the bond franchise was relaunched the first time (with pierce brosnan), my parents rented the first two movies and the family watched them as a double feature.  ever since, i’ve been a bond fan.  i’ve seen over half the movies (i’ve skipped all the ones starring timothy dalton) and read some of the books.

i loved the tongue in cheek attitude bond took to being a spy, at least as it was in the movies.  the books were much more serious spy thrillers, virtually humorless, but that didn’t matter.  then they jump-started the franchise again, casting daniel craig as bond (yum!) and got rid of the fancy gadgets.  they became much more like the books…not as quippy, but solid action thrillers.  kind of like the bourne triology.

they’d apparently started work on bond 23, when MGM, the studio, put it on indefinite hiatus.  MGM has been trying to sell itself for almost a year now…maybe it ought to pimp itself out on aurora?  anyway, the studio just doesn’t have the money to make the movie.

this totally sucks.  i really enjoyed the new films and it’s just sad to think that the longest running and most successful film franchise in history might come to an end.  entertainment weekly offered the suggestion that they sell the franchise to a different studio.  not a bad idea, considering how popular those movies are.  the new studio is basically going to be able to pay for its acquisition with the new film, and MGM would remain a financially viable movie studio…although if they sell it, i don’t really care if they sink or float.  just keep giving me my bond.

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