leisure time

i was trying to explain to my boyfriend the other night my theory on why america is so fat.  it’s not a science (far from even a perfect one) and i have absolutely no data to back it up.

see, i think the reason americans are overweight is we don’t understand the concept of leisure.  too many of us associate it with being lazy, and while there are certainly a large number of lazy americans, an american who indulges in leisure is a rare bird.  also a sense of que sera, que sera is missing from our culture.

we expect everything to be done right away, and we take our work home with us.  time off is spent tackling chores, cooking, running errands, and meeting up with friends (which is not always as fun as you want it to be; sometimes you do it just because you think you should).  we are a nation of convenience, and i think that’s a horrid thing.

even our vacations aren’t all that relaxing.  we pack too much into our trips, make them too short, and forget that if we don’t see it all, we can always find time to come back and see the rest of it some other time.  if i could, i’d move to europe.

many european countries take time for their meals.  their workweeks are shorter, their vacations longer.  america has been in such a headlong rush to get ahead for so long, we’ve put our collective health on the back burner.

i’ll admit to being guilty of it.  i eat my breakfast standing up, and i regularly eat my lunch at my desk (although i rarely work through lunch).  dinner has to be something i can cook in a half hour or less, and while i sit down and eat it, i’m usually watching the news or reading a book at the same time.  i wish i could say that from now on i’m going to make a conscious effort to NOT do that, but when you’re one little fish trying to swim upstream, it’s difficult.  that doesn’t mean that i WON’T try, but that i can’t say i’ll be successful.

in completely unrelated news, i’m thinking out the next post for a lesson in vanishing.  it involves frankie’s recent trip to the psychiatrist, and a bottle of medication.  i frankly think that america is overmedicated as well, particularly when it comes to mental health issues, and i’ve decided that frankie’s going to have the same problems with it that i do.  how that influences her eventual decision, i haven’t figured out yet.

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