step away from the twinkies…

i’m going to try and form a cohesive thought here…today has been really scattered.

anyway, yesterday as i was walking to the drugstore, i passed one of those large daycare groups of kids.  you know, the older ones, not the adorable little toddlers hanging onto the rope so they don’t go running into the street.  and it seemed like for every two kids that were of average size, there was one kid who was a little on the pudgy side (and sometimes a little more).  and every time today that i wanted to get myself a soda, i tried to picture those pudgy kids.  so far it’s worked.

it’s sad…there’s probably a number of factors that led those kids to become overweight.  there was a study released recently that shows while parents agree that their children are overweight, they don’t believe they have anything to do with their kid being fat.  a story on NPR reported that with the health food craze sweeping the nation, food banks that used to get all the health food crap that people didn’t want to eat were now only getting the highly processed stuff as people were cleaning out pantries, trying to get rid of bad for you foods without wasting them entirely.  not to mention the prevalence of fast food joints and brightly colored packaging to entice kids to want to eat it.

the adults are just as bad.  i can’t tell you the number of people i walk by or see on my commute that really need to take some pounds off.  and i’ll bet they all have some variation of the same excuse: i just don’t have time/energy to get any exercise.  face it, americans don’t know a damn thing about leisure.  if we did, we probably wouldn’t be so fat.

other thoughts that occurred to me that have nothing to do with how overweight america is…i was reading another blog, money smart fashion, and i had this thought that there’s no real point to my blog.  not like hers.  written by a woman named grace, who lives outside of baltimore, she’s a style blogger.  so most of the posts have to do with fashion, but she does throw in the occasional money tip or revelation.  i like this blog and find it entertaining and often informative…grace shops at most of the same stores that i do (substitute banana republic for j. crew, and they’re practially identical), and i’ve even got my own version of the SSBF.  she takes care to point out she’s not a financial expert, which is good (gotta toe the line on those ethics, ya know).  but see, her blog has a point.  mine doesn’t.

there are those out there in the blogosphere that are comfortable with complete strangers knowing intimate details of their lives.  there are those that set out with a purpose of sorts (like grace).  i don’t fall into either category, i guess.  i don’t think my life is all that out of the ordinary, so you’re not likely to find posts about what i did this weekend (although you might find stuff about my vacations).  but there’s just so much stuff out there, waiting to be discussed and espoused on…i can’t help it.  i should have been an editorialist or something.

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