whose subconcious is this, anyway?

we joined the masses this weekend and saw inception.  brilliant.  fucking brilliant.  i’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of christopher nolan’s films, and i can honestly say there isn’t another director that i’ve thought that of.

i’m not a big leo fan (i’ve seen a few movies that i’ve liked him in, but more that i haven’t liked him in) but he was watchable in this film.  actually, i kept focusing on joseph gordon-levitt for most of it, which made it easier 🙂  god i love that man…a skinny little nerd-boy.  yum.

anyway, you’ve probably already heard what the story (such as it is) is about, so i won’t bother to reiterate it here.  i WILL say that michael caine and pete postlethwaite were underutilized (interestingly, postelthwaite will be in a film opening later this year called killing bono).  ellen page’s performance was slightly clunky, and cillian murphy, unfortunately, i sort of forgot he was there.  but maybe that was the point.

really, the reason to see inception is for the visual stimulus.  cities exploding, collapsing, folding in upon themselves, not to mention trying to keep track of whether you’re still dreaming.  so it wasn’t so much about the performances, but about the way the story unfolds and trying to grasp the threads of the dream as it pulls everyone along (although really, i could have just watched JGL for the whole film and been happy).

now, is that top still spinning, or did it fall over?

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