reading list as of 7/23 and other stuffs

so here’s some of what i’ve read over the last month or so…

in the woods tana french – brilliant.  she is my new favorite author.  even though it’s a mystery novel, it doesn’t FEEL like one.  i honestly can’t remember the last time i read a book as well written as this one.  the relationship between rob and cassie is incredibly well developed, especially for a debut novel, that you almost feel like she has to have written SOMETHING about these two before.

fire in the blood irene nemirovsky – every time i read something by her, i lament the fact she was killed in auschwitz.  it’s a slim read, almost a novella instead of a novel, but it certainly keeps you interested the whole way through.  they found 10 short stories she’d written, which have been published and are now out in paperback.  the collection is called dimanche.

the girl who played with fire stieg larsson – i kind of feel like this is similar to harry potter five (harry potter and the order of the phoenix).  you feel like nothing quite happens, but it’s somehow essential to the whole story.  i’d also hoped it would have been edited better than the girl with the dragon tattoo, but it wasn’t.  still, mostly entertaining.  supposedly, the last book in the triology, the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest, was supposed to be waiting for me to pick up at the library, but when i got there yesterday to pick it up, it was “misplaced”.  how nice.

oracle bones peter hessler – this is my second attempt at this book.  i tried reading it once before, back when i first bought it, and i think i made it about halfway through.  right now i’m less than a quarter of the way through.  it’s one of those books that i really want to enjoy; i find china fascinating and i’ve read a number of books already, both fiction and non-fiction, on china and its history.  it’s not that it’s not an interesting subject or that hessler isn’t a good writer.  i’m just having trouble getting into it.  that might be because of this next book:

compensation mihlkovic and thompson (at least i think those are their names) – i’ve been studying for my next CEBS exam, which has made focusing on just about any other reading impossible.  so to compensate, i’ve read some chick lit:

in the garden triology by nora roberts – i’ve read these multiple times before.  i like nora roberts.  go ahead, make fun of me, i know you want to.

beach street knitting society and yarn club and needles and pearls gil mcneil – i totally wanted to speak with a british accent after reading these.  entertaining, funny, and i wanted to take up knitting afterward, only i’ve tried that before and end up with my elbows all over the place.  not exactly a relaxing past time.

a year at ladybug farm donna ball – one of my coworkers has kept me supplied with fluffy novels.  this is just one of the latest.  it sort of made me want to just toss everything and go live on a giant farm in virginia.  then i remembered that me and small towns don’t go so well together and i decided that reading about them would be good enough for me.

i’ve been suffering a bit of writer’s block lately, too.  i finally managed to get something new posted on a lesson in vanishing… roger decides to hire a private investigator, and frankie finally goes to see a head shrinker to calm her nerves.  it’s taking longer than i’d thought to figure out how exactly the robberies will make their way south, although i’ve got a vague idea of how frankie will deal with that eventuality.  and i’ve got to decide what should be happening in between.  this writing stuff is hard.  sometimes why i wonder i decided to do it.  i’ll be spending part of this weekend editing photos and updating my etsy shop, and maybe going back and editing some of the earlier vanishing entries.  and of course, seeing inception 😀

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