siff ‘n’ stuff

waaah! siff is over for the year 😦  i really feel like i hit the jackpot this time around, though.  all six of the movies i saw were pretty damn good.  here they are, in the order (from least favorite to most favorite) that i’d recommend them in:

crossing hennessy: from hong kong, it’s a story of two people who have been “matched” but aren’t all that interested in each other.  it felt overly long, but it had some pretty funny moments, and the mom was a total over the top dragon lady.  i’d call it “cute”.  because that’s what it was.

centurion: the director must have taken a lesson from james cameron, because pictish is a dead language…i have no idea what they were jabbering in.  the roman empire has decide it wants to conquer ALL of england, not just part of it.  oh no.  so they forge ahead to the unforgiving terrain held by the picts.  after a brutal ambush that leaves most of the division dead, the centurion leads a small group farther north to kill the king of the picts.  a little too bloody, and the early battle scenes could have been done better.  plus they killed the general too early.

reykjavic-rotterdam: from iceland, it’s a tightly paced thriller (really tightly paced; the movie is less than an hour and a half long) about an ex-con who gets talked into do doing one last bootlegging run by his friend (and his wife’s ex-boyfriend) obstensiably to keep his wife’s brother from fucking the whole thing up.  there’s an american remake already in the works, and i know it will suck hardcore because mark wahlberg is the star.

soul kitchen: from germany, a comedy about a guy who owns a diner in a rough neighborhood who never catches a break.  his luck turns around, though, and he (and his no-account brother) promptly find ways to muck things up.  they’d better not make an american remake of this one-i doubt it’d be as funny.

the hedgehog: from france.  oh, this was a lovely, lovely film.  it was so popular that they had to add a third screening.  paloma has decided that life after age 12 would simply just lead to a pre-determined plan, mimicking the life of her upper class, self absorbed parents.  so she decides to commit suicide on her 12th birthday.  before that, she goes about, filming and offering wise-beyond-her-years commentary on her family’s daily life.  i want to watch it again.  and then i want to read the book.

ondine: from ireland.  i’ve always been one of those who maintains that colin farrell CAN actually act, he just needs the right material.  boy, he got it here.  neil jordan directed this film, set on the western irish coast.  i wanted to crawl inside and just live there.  farrell plays syracuse, a fisherman who catches a woman (yes, a woman) in one of his fishing nets.  his daughter believes she’s a selkie, but whether she is or she isn’t, the whole story was just magical.  and the little girl who plays annie, syracuse’s daughter, had, hands down, the best lines in the film.  like the hedgehog, i want to see this one again.  and again. and possibly again.

in other news, i’ll try and post something new on my story blog, a lesson in vanishing.  i’m having trouble trying to figure out if the next entry should be one on frankie, or if i should switch back to roger.  roger still feels like he’s an important part of this, but i can’t quite figure out how he’s driven to find mackenzie, and what frankie thinks of him, and how he’d even go about FINDING mackenzie.  it’ll probably be roger, i just need to think about what roger will do, now that he’s got the puzzle of mackenzie’s personal life to figure out.

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